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I have worked as a cook/chef my whole life. Since 2005 I have worked with local food in Finnmark. I have been able to create food from the world’s purest and best produce, which has grown and lived on the mountain plateau, in the sea and the surrounding forests, and has a unique history and flavour. I wish to convey this to our guests through experiences, culinary courses and dinners here at Trasti & Trine.


Fine dining – tastes of the season

Fine dining 3 course
NOK 825,- pp

 Fine dining 5 course
NOK 1195,- pp

Fine dining tasting menu
NOK 1495,- pp

Country style dinner, local traditional meal

Country style dinner 2 course
main course and dessert NOK 495,- pp

Country style dinner 3 course
starter, main course and dessert NOK 595,- pp

Special menus subject to availability of produce is offered on request:

Pre-dinner snacks can be ordered as an add-on to you menu, please write this in the note section during booking

 Add some luxury to your dinner

Please note that food orders are subject to raw material availability.


King crab claws 

Kr 500.-pr 200g  

Bread, butter, lemon, mayonnaise   

Shellfish add on,  

Todays catch: 

Oyster kr 50.- 

Scallops kr 90.- 

1/2 Brown crab kr 150,- 

Raw shimps (50 g) kr 50.- 

Langustine kr 90.-  

Shellfish plate 

king crab, brown crab claws, shrimps & mussels 

800g ( 200g of each)  


Kr 1300.- 


Three types of caviar , ( 50 gr of each)  

sour cream, bread and butter. 

Kr 250.-  

Cheese to the menu 

Five different local cheeses.  

Bread & butter 

Kr 160.-

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Kortreiste råvarer - Oversiktsbilde av mat-råvarer

The Seasons At Trasti & Trine


The short spring in Finnmark is long-awaited. Every day is longer than the previous one. Most of the fish we use are caught through holes in the ice: trout, Arctic char, pike and burbot. We use the birch sap we tap in the spring for baking and cooking. We use the last remnants of the dried wild mushrooms from the surrounding forests. Fresh asparagus from Hvasser in the south is a Norwegian delicacy. Rhubarb is the first of our crops that we can use, and it provides the first natural vitamin C after a long winter.


We are always pleased to greet summer when it finally arrives. The Midnight Sun gives us sunlight 24/7, which provides us with plants and berries with incredible flavours. We grow herbs, sugar peas and lettuces in our garden, which we can use in the restaurant. The wild salmon season is well underway, and we buy salmon that we use fresh and smoke for later use. Coalfish is the number one fish in the summer. The grey fish with a liver that is as white as chalk is a real delicacy. In summer, we use a lot of kid (baby goat) from Lofoten and Troms. We pick wild plants such as chives, angelica, sorrel and nettle. Local divers bring us freshly harvested scallops, sea urchins and northern horsemussels.


Autumn is without doubt the season we harvest from our diverse nature. We source lamb from Lyngen, wild lamb from Alta, reindeer from Kautokeino, elk from Karasjok, grouse from the surrounding mountains, wild greylag goose from Magerøya and hare from Rolvsøya. We pick wild mushrooms in secret places in Alta. All the potatoes we use, including almond, troll and goldeye, come from our neighbours at Tangen farm, while our beetroot and cabbages are from Tana. We have a long berry season here. We start by picking cloudberries, followed by raspberries and blackcurrants, then blueberries and finally lingonberries. The sun disappears below the horizon in late November.


The magical Northern Lights dance in the night sky. The blue light comes in January, as we await the return of the sun. In winter, the white fish from the sea off the coast of Finnmark are at their best. We buy fresh halibut, cod, redfish, monkfish and skate caught in the surrounding coastal waters. Cod provided the initial basis of existence along the North Norwegian coast, and it remains an important export commodity to this day. We source shrimps from Lyngen and king crab from the North Cape. Winter is also the season for trapping grouse and hunting hare.

Kortreiste råvarer - Oversiktsbilde av mat-råvarer

Organic focus

We want the food we cook and serve to be in keeping with the surrounding nature and the culture – magnificent, but also authentic and natural. To deliver culinary experiences of the highest quality, it’s essential to source great produce. Out of respect to the nature and in keeping with the North Norwegian food traditions, most of the produce we use is Norwegian, fresh and natural. We want to know what we are serving, where it comes from and how it has been produced. That’s why our kitchen is based on organic and/or local produce. Norway is a very long country and the growth season north of the Arctic Circle is short and harsh. Consequently, we must source some produce outside the region, but we try to minimize the environmental impact by choosing organic and sustainable options. However, we can find the toughest and most robust produce in the surrounding nature; those that thrive in the ice-cold sea, on the windswept mountain plateau, in the harsh summer temperatures and that withstand the long, cold winter. Examples of this include new potatoes from the neighbouring farm, hare from Sørøya, king crab from the Barents Sea, reindeer from the mountain plateau and cloudberries from a secret marshland. We want our guests to enjoy wonderful culinary experiences with a good conscience.

Bon appetite!

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